Online Bible Certificate

The ABC Advantage

The accredited online Bible Certificate program at Appalachian Bible College is a focused, dynamic way to establish a solid foundation in the Word of God.

Through ABC Connect, you will gain an overview of essential doctrine, survey the entire Bible, and study several books of Scripture in depth. And with an introduction to Bible study methods, you can continue learning from God's Word all your life.

Cultivate Core Values

  • Passion for Servanthood

    Imitate Christ and discover the value of serving the Lord, His Church, and the world with excellence.

  • Practice of Integrity

    Exercise righteousness and accountability in your relationships.

  • Priority of the Local Church

    Involve yourself in the local church, God's instrument for reaching the world with the Gospel.

  • Pursuit of a Biblical Worldview

    See the world with a biblical perspective; stand on the absolute authority of Scripture.

  • Primacy of the Bible

    Grow in your love for the Word of God and your conviction of its role in all of life.

Why an Online Bible Certificate?

Is your future unclear? Do you wonder what God’s will is for your life? The Bible Certificate is designed for you! It is a wise pursuit if you are undecided about a vocation, if you want to become more useful in your local church, or if you seek personal spiritual growth.

If God leads you to continue your education at ABC or elsewhere, accreditation of ABC Connect ensures that your Bible Certificate course credits will be accepted.

Bible & Gen. Ed. Certificate

Coursework for the Bible and General Education Certificate mirrors the first year of a bachelor of arts schedule. If you decide to return for an A.A. or B.A. after graduating with this Certificate, you will be right on track.

Requirements: 30 hours

Bible & Gen. Ed. Certificate Checksheet

Bible & Ministry Certificate

If you want to forego general education courses and concentrate on Bible, theology, and ministry preparation for a year, this Certificate is for you.

Requirements: 33 hours

Bible / Theology Core

25 hours
  • Old Testament Survey
  • Genesis – Deuteronomy
  • Paul’s Letters 1 or Hebrews – Revelation
  • Doctrine 1: Intro. to Theology & the Bible or Doctrine 3: Man, Sin & Salvation
  • Principles of Bible Interpretation
  • New Testament Survey
  • Joshua – Esther or Isaiah – Malachi
  • Matthew – Acts or Paul’s Letters 2
  • Doctrine 2: God, Christ, Holy Spirit & Angels or Doctrine 4: Church & Last Things

Ministry Core

8 hours
  • Biblical Theology of Missions
  • Foundations of Ministry
  • Personal Evangelism & Discipleship

Bible & Ministry Certificate Checksheet

What's Next?

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