Do you believe the Bible holds the answers for life’s problems? At Appalachian Bible College, you will discover the solutions that God’s Word provides to address the diverse issues people face.

The Biblical Counseling degree is an accredited, double major program of study to prepare you for ministry in a local church. While your foundational major will be Bible / Theology, you will also receive top instruction in biblical counseling.

The ABC Advantage

Our Philosophy

Appalachian Bible College maintains that God has “given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness” (2 Pet. 1:3). Although secular descriptive psychology can contribute helpful observations, it is the Bible alone that is the Christian’s authority for living godly. This is called nouthetic training. ABC is not oriented toward state licensure for Christian counselors, but rather a local church-based ministry of serving people.

Completing the Biblical Counseling major at ABC is one of the best steps you can take toward further education in nouthetic counseling and training consistent with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (formerly NANC). Mr. Best, the Biblical Counseling Chair, has ACBC certification.

If you desire to specialize in discipling families and youth or in ministering to women, the Biblical Counseling degree offers optional concentrations:

Our Faculty

Mr. Dan Best - Biblical Counseling Chair

Mr. Dan Best -

Biblical Counseling Chair

Man has an intrinsic need to receive counsel from God. Because He has given everything man needs for godly living in His revealed Word, I believe our training enables one to appropriately care for the struggles of others.

Our students are equipped in an accurate understanding of the Scriptures. They are then able to apply God’s Truth with insight into common heart issues—resulting in salvation, discipleship, intensive counsel, and integration into the local church.

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Why Biblical Counseling?


With the wholesale adoption by Christians of humanistic problem-solving theories, the demand is greater than ever for servants who can skillfully interpret the Bible and apply it to modern-day problems. Biblical counseling must be founded upon the hope-filled gospel of Jesus Christ, the Word of God, the Holy Spirit, ministry of a local church, and a believer’s work in God-glorifying change.

At Appalachian Bible College, you will first learn to exercise Biblical principles in your own life. Then you will be ready to minister God’s grace and healing to others—whether through a formal counseling service or by utilizing counseling principles in another area of ministry.

Career Ministry Opportunities

A Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Bible / Theology and Biblical Counseling could lead to service as a:

  • Biblical Counselor
  • Youth Pastor or Youth Director
  • Associate Pastor or Assistant Pastor
  • Director of Children's Ministries
  • Christian Education Director
  • Discipleship Pastor
  • Women's Ministries Director
  • Singles Ministry Leader

Objectives & Outcomes

You will be trained in… Leading to…
Christlikeness befitting a minister of the life-changing gospel of Christ. the ability and passion to affect godly change in one’s self and others for the glory of God.
Bible and theology as a basis for scriptural sufficiency and doctrinal integrity in Biblical counseling. the proper interpretation, specific application, and confident dispersion of sound scriptural solutions in ministering to people.
the scripturally sound concepts and distinctive features of Biblical counseling. the insightful handling of the personal and interpersonal problems of life.

Biblical Counseling Courses

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