Ministering to a person's physical needs gives exceptional opportunity to reach his or her spiritual needs as well. Christian nurses are to be competent at both aspects.

Appalachian Bible College offers you the unique chance to double major in Bible / Theology and Missions, as well as complete the nursing training program of your choice at a separate institution. This accredited bachelor's degree, along with your nursing education, will best equip you to skillfully extend compassion to the suffering.

The ABC Advantage

Our Program

While you will earn your B.A. degree in Bible / Theology and Missions at ABC, you will also achieve a nursing degree from the school of your choice. This allows an earned nursing certificate or degree to be used in fulfillment of the Missions Ministry Major concentration requirements.

Our Faculty

Mrs. Linda Hammons

Mrs. Linda Hammons

Eighteen years of experience in healthcare fuel my commitment: to see students equipped to serve the Great Physician as missionary nurses.

Our nurses are trained to view each person as created in the image of God… a person who needs the Savior. As they care for physical needs, missionary nurses have the opportunity to address spiritual needs as well. What a privilege our graduates have to see the Great Commission fulfilled before their very eyes!

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Why Missions - Nursing?


Even a cursory study of the life of Christ will reveal His holistic approach to serving others. His compassionate care for the lepers, lame, and blind is the Christian nurse’s holy pattern. Deeds of mercy for the sick and the dying communicate God’s love in a way that mere words cannot. Missionary nurses have the privilege of ministering to their patients’ souls while improving their physical well-being.

Career Ministry Opportunities

Earning a bachelor's degree in Bible / Theology and Missions, in addition to the nursing degree of your choice, will equip you to serve the Lord as:

  • a member of an overseas medical missions team
  • a skilled "tentmaker" missionary in countries closed to traditional missionaries
  • a nurse within a ministry to medically under-served areas—in the USA or abroad.

How it Works

  • You will spend your Freshman and Sophomore years at ABC taking a variety of Bible, Theology and General Education courses, and preparing for the nursing program of your choice. The average course load per semester at ABC is approximately 19 hours.
  • Next, you will attend nursing school. Although you will not be actively enrolled at ABC during this time, the Missions faculty will keep in touch with you and encourage you. If your nursing school is near ABC, you may be able to live in the residence halls. The total time extent and course load of your nursing training will vary based on the level of training you desire.
  • You will earn a nursing certificate or degree, which will also be used to fulfill the Missions Ministry Major concentration requirements, allowing you to graduate from ABC with a bachelor's degree.
  • You will return to ABC for your Senior year if you did not already fulfill credit requirements.

Application & Enrollment

You must apply and be accepted to Appalachian Bible College and to the nursing program in which you desire to enroll. Each school has its own admission requirements and process.

Degrees Earned

  • Upon graduating from ABC, you will have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible / Theology and Missions.
  • Upon successful completion of your selected nursing program, you will have the degree or certificate awarded by that program, e.g., LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) or RN (Registered Nurse).


  • During your enrollment in classes at ABC you pay normal Tuition, Room & Board.
  • During your enrollment at another institution for nursing training, you are responsible for the tuition and fees of that institution.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available through ABC for the Bible / Theology and Missions degree. Consult your nursing program for further financial aid which may be available through that institution.

Objectives & Outcomes

You will be trained in… Leading to…
identifying the Biblical patterns and means for fulfilling the missionary mandate determining where and how you can serve God in worldwide missions.
examining the Biblical methodologies for church ministry and growth implementing the appropriate steps to establish an effective church ministry.
knowing the basic presuppositions of major 20th century religions intelligently communicating the Gospel of Christ to followers of other belief systems.
discovering the critical nature of relationships in ministry establishing strong relationships for the purpose of evangelism and discipleship.
discerning which cultural differences are Biblically permissible effectively ministering to people of diverse cultures.
Medical-surgical nursing, maternal-child nursing, geriatrics, mental health nursing, pharmacology and/or nutrition—nursing skills based on the objectives of your selected nursing program the ability to serve your patients with skill and confidence.

Missions - Nursing Courses

What's Next?

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